Day 6 – Skykomish

Hey Guys!

So, on Day 6 we had planned to drive another section of the Cascade Loop Scenic Byway BUT after checking into our AirBnb the previous night, we decided we didn’t want to leave the house!

It was soooo cozy, warm and just plain adorable!

I had found this house while I was on Instagram….once I laid my eyes on it, I decided I would treat myself for my upcoming birthday. So, I ended up booking 2 nights here without even researching the area!

I had never done that before! Anyone who knows me knows that I am a big time planner and carefully & methodically plan each of my trips…I don’t do anything on a whim!

This house basically dictated how I would plan my trip as I had to plan around the house’s location and dates I had booked.

Even booking 3-4 mons in advance, there was only limited availability at the house during the dates I needed.

If you are on Instagram, you can find lots of travel ideas and unique properties to rent. I have found lots of ideas & places to see/do in the areas we visit by searching on Instagram.  Just use the search tool and search the area you will be visiting to find ideas.

Ok, so without further ado, let me introduce you to the Sky Haus…the little cabin in the woods!

Once we entered the house, we noticed that the owner had turned on the gas burning stove before we arrived…It was so warm & cozy and was such a nice way to end a long day of driving (we arrived on the night of Day 5).

Sky Haus is located in a private cabin community of Timberlane Village and right next door to Tye Haus,

The cozy A-frame sleeps a family of 4 comfortably but all the beds are located in the small loft so you would definitley be a bit cramped if 4 people were staying here.

Not to mention, the steep climb up the ladder to get to the loft.

However, with that being said, it’s a great getaway for a couple and even has its own hot tub!

The house was equipped with Wifi, Stereo system, Smart TV, board games. an outdoor fire pit, a fully stocked kitchen, living room, table w/ 4 chairs & a small bathroom.

Views from the loft

Views from the living room

Shots of the inside

So, as I said, we arrived on our 5th night in Washington and had stopped off at a grocery store on our way back from Leavenworth and bought some deli sandwiches to take back to the cabin to have for dinner that night.

And….Remember the bread I told you about that we purchased at Breadfarm in Bow…well we had that too with some cheese…so good and a bit romantic I must say. 😉

For dessert we had some Godiva candy that was left for us in our room on our 1st night at the Ship Harbor Inn in Anacortes.

It was raining but I was determined to get in the hot tub …so we changed into our bathing suits and headed out into the rain….thankfully, we were mostly protected by the surrounding trees.

The house looks secluded but it actually has houses on both sides of it & one in front & behind it. However, the trees and storage building on the property, gave you a sense of seclusion.

After the hot tub, we called it a night.

The next morning, as I mentioned earlier, we had planned on driving a different part of the Cascade Loop but decided to stay close to the house so we could enjoy the short time we had at the house.

Today, was my birthday and I couldn’t have asked for a better place to celebrate!

I woke up and my hubby had made me coffee & breakfast and gave me a beautiful card…he always picks out the best cards!

By breakfast, I mean he made me the only thing we had to eat…toast! lol!

We fell in love with the vintage stove in the kitchen!

My hubby found the original plans of the cabin stuck up in the wall…the cabin was built in the 70’s.

We took pics in case we decided to build our own A-Frame cabin 😉

Since it was my birthday, my hubby asked me what I wanted to do since we decided not to stick to our itinerary. I told him I really wanted another lobster roll from the Skagit’s Own Fish Market!

The fish market was almost 2 hrs from the cabin but I really wanted another one after we had eaten there on day 4 of our trip!

I was a bit torn because as bad as I wanted one, I hated to leave the cabin for that long just to go eat….but that’s what we ended up doing!

Views along the way

We spotted the Bridal Veil Falls on the way…

We were glad to see the inside tables were available this time since it was rainy and cold outside.

Once again, we both ordered the lobster rolls and a cup of chowder… but sadly, they were out of the chowder! We were so upset! We had really wanted some more of that delicious chowder. 🙁

So, we ended up ordering the Dungeness Crab cocktail instead.

It was delicious as well but I really wanted that chowder! 😔

After we finished eating, I told my hubby I wanted to order another one to take back to the cabin to have for dinner …so that’s what we did! I told ya’ll I loved this place! 😆

After lunch, we headed back to the cabin.

On the way, we spotted this tiny church called the Wayside Chapel…so we just had to stop!

The charming chapel was dedicated in October 1962, when Seattle was hosting the World’s Fair.

I read that it was a favorite with the locals, some of whom have even gotten married or renewed their vows in the tiny chapel.

Inside, there is a pulpit, four two-person pews, and some flower vases. And that’s about it.

Some visitors have left handwritten prayers on the pulpit.

We had to take our picture in front of it so people could see just how small it was!

After leaving the cute little chapel, we continued our drive back to the cabin.

On the way, we were going to pass the Espresso Chalet (you can read about this coffee shop in my last blog post) So, we decided to stop and grab a cup of coffee.

We pulled in and noticed they had a different special of the day, the maple toffee nut latte…so we both decided to try it out.

Once again, we loved it!

They know how to make coffee in Washington…which is no surprise since Seattle is the birthplace of coffee giants Starbucks and Tully’s & has more coffee shops per capita than any other city in the US!

After getting our coffee, we continued our short drive to the cabin.

We definitely had picked a good day to spend inside as it was rainy, cloudy and cold.

Once we arrived back to the cabin, we decided to get in the hot tub..

I’m not sure many people sip coffee while in a hot tub but that’s what we did…glad we didn’t get dehydrated! 😉

We loved this place & that sweet hot tub!

The trees helped protect us from the rain

We spent at least 2 hrs in the hot tub before getting out and heading back into the cabin.

Later that evening, we had our lobster rolls for dinner….sooo good!!

We then enjoyed more of those delicious Godiva chocolates and some coffee while we cozied up by the fire.

I walked next door to the popular Tye Haus and took some pics….it’s so cute!

The same man that owns Sky Haus also owns Tye Haus & Foss Haus...All 3 cabins are next to one other and are all very popular and usually stay booked up year round!

Later that evening, we headed back out in the rain to spend more time in the hot tub! We couldn’t get enough of it and now, I want my own hot tub! (Honey, I know you read my blog posts so keep notes!) 😉

It was the perfect way to end my birthday!

Sadly, the next morning we had to check out 🙁 …I definitely didn’t want to leave our cozy little cabin in the woods.

More pics of the house 

It was a perfect birthday and I’m so glad I booked this house!

I encourage you to be spontaneous and book a trip or a unique property on a whim…try it, you might just like it!

Thanks for reading!

Stay tuned for my final blog post on Washington….our day in Seattle!

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